Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY - No Sew Felt Flowers

We're getting crafty again today with felt.  I love felt flowers, they are so easy and fun to make and you can use them in so many ways.  Felt is really inexpensive, you can even find it at the Dollar Store in packs of 12 or you can get larger sheets at your local craft stores for around $.30 each.  Ok, let's get started.

All you need to make these flowers are felt, scissors and a hot glue gun.

First Flower - start with cutting your felt into a strip, about 1.5" in width.

Fold your felt in half length-wise and hot glue your felt across the top to keep is secure.

Next, cut slits all the way across your felt - but not cutting all the way through the glued edge.

Start your flower by rolling the end and gluing secure.

Continue rolling and gluing along the way as your flower starts to form.  You really just need a dot of glue here and there.

Yay!  You have a cute little felt flower.  You can add another strip to make it larger, cut your slits smaller or larger to create a different look, add leaves - go crazy.  

Ok, next flower is a little different.  Start by cutting out a circle in your felt.  Obviously from my example the circle doesn't have to be perfect - it was just a quick free hand cut.

Next, begin cutting on the edge and around the circle, like a spiral.

Until you have one long curly strip.

Start your flower the same as before, turning in the edge and rolling around.  Make sure you start at the narrow end of your strip.  Continue rolling and gluing just like before.

Now you have a sweet little felt rose.

Add a different color, add beads or pearls to the center, whatever your heart desires.

I can't wait to use all of my little felt flowers on all sorts of projects.  I think these would also be really cute on presents instead of bows.  How sweet are they?

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you are having a wonderful week!
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  1. I'm not a huge arts & crafts person (that portion of the right-side of my brain doesn't seem to compute :)) but am always so impressed with people like you who can do things like this. Very cool!

  2. Great tutorial! I love your blog here ;)