Monday, December 5, 2011

The Long Awaited Kitchen Light

For months now all of you have been so polite and have listened to me complain about the much hated fan jalopy that so beautifully adorned our kitchen ceiling.  It's just so ugly, so huge and took up so much space in our little house.  I wanted it out so bad but it just wasn't top priority and I also just couldn't decide what I wanted to replace it with. We weren't necessarily thinking about replacing it any time soon but as luck would have it the old thing broke and we had no other choice but to replace it - and on the inside we were jumping for joy that we finally had a good reason to do it.

Ain't she a beauty-

I knew I wanted to replace it with a light - no more fans in the kitchen, and I had also decided on some sort of pendant light so the decision really came down to cost - as most decisions normally do.  Boy, lights are not cheap and it was hard finding something that met my criteria and fit into our budget but it finally happened.  I came across a great pendant light at Lowe's on clearance and I was smitten - style and price.

Finding the light was the easy part - removing the old fan and installing the new light - not so much.

This is where I was going to have nice detailed pictures and explanations of the process.  But, that didn't happen.  It was a giant pain and it took both of my hands and Justin's hands for a lot of the project.

This fan monster wasn't going down without a fight, and fight it did.  Whoever had installed this fan must have thought very highly of it and though no one in there right mind would want to take it down - it was up for eternity.  So little by little, piece by piece it was removed.  I do have some of those pictures to share.

It was finally over and there was a huge sigh of relief.

Then we had some nice jerry-rigged electrical work going on that caused the light to not want to sit flush with the ceiling.  Isn't home improvement fun sometimes?

After working all of that out we finally have our new light - and we love it!  It was totally worth all of the frustration.

Let's go way back, just for fun...Remember this?  

We've come so far - but still have so far to go.


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So what about you guys?  Have any annoying home improvement projects in the works?  Share with us!!

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  1. Lights ARE expensive! But you sure got a beauty. Love it, and it changed the look of the whole space!