Monday, January 9, 2012

All is Well

Peace and rest has been brought back into our house today after a long week with one sick little boy. It's so hard to even think when you have a little one who is absolutely miserable. But thankfully that time has now passed and things are on the mend, needless to say house stuff was the last thing on my mind last week.

One thing we did narrow down however, before the sickness crept in was to decide on a paint color for our laundry room area.  The only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted it be bright and cheerful, and that's exactly what we are going for.

One of these colors will be winning out the bright and cheerful competition, so you will have to stick around to see who does.

I think I've decided on a darker slate color for the floor that I will painting, like we did in our half bath. Still not sure on which as of yet.

In other news, we shared before that we have been doing some updating to some of our student spaces at church.  We have gone from this...

To this...

I thought it would be fun to share what we did and how - since it was difficult for us to find inspiration when we set out on this journey.  More on that later this week.

I hope everyone is healthy and well this week and has a peaceful and relaxing Monday!


  1. I love the yellow colors! Can't wait to see what you picked! And I agree that a laundry room needs to be bright and cheerful.

    The student space looks awesome! I wish ours had looked that cool when I was in high school!

  2. Hi! I'm Andrea's sister (of Whispers in the Silence) and I only just saw your comment on my blog re: the post about feeling nervous about giving birth again - thank you for your encouragement! I go in this Thursday for my C-section and while I still have some trepidation, I feel confident in the hands of my doctor and at peace knowing its all in His hands :)

  3. I'm a total sucker for slate. Your laundry room is going to be ah-mazing.
    Reeeeeally cool updates in your church too! Good job!