Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paint Chip Mania

I'm all about some paint chip art lately, I love the idea of reusing something like that and making it into something awesome and beautiful.  I have a little paint chip project in the works that I will be sharing with you soon, so in the meantime feast your eyes on some really fun & colorful ideas:

Magnets, So Cute (Source)

These notebooks are one of my favs (Source)

Perfect for a little Valentine's Day Decor (Source)

Colorful Clock (Source)

Statement Artwork (Source)

Loving the Bookmarks (Source)

Simple and So Pretty (Source)

This is just Awesome (Source)

It's a rainy, dreary day here so I'm enjoying all of the color and cheerfulness of these projects.  It's obvious that the possibilities are endless with paint chips, who knew?


  1. I can't wait to collect some more paint chips and do something fun with them! (I'd feel bad just taking them without a project on hand lol)

    1. Haha! Don't worry, you will have a ton laying around soon!!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration and for the sweet comment on my blog. BTW....I really love your blog so much! The style is so clean and pretty!

  3. What cute ideas! I think the magnets and the notebook are my faves. I use mine for bookmarks but not with a fancy little ribbon attached. :)

    1. I'm doing good if I have a half folded sheet of paper or my church bulletin for a bookmark :)