Friday, January 13, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Project

We've lived in our house for 10 months now and we have two mirrors hanging on our walls and that's it.  We haven't put up one single picture, artwork, frame, nothing.  I'm feeling like it's time to remedy that so, here's my first go at new artwork for our house - which comes in the form of free.  I shared with you Wednesday that I was loving all of the paint chip artwork and projects I had seen and wanted to do something using all of the paint chips we have collected since starting on this remodeling process.  One of my favorite rooms in the house, which happens to be the smallest is our little half bath that sits next to our master bedroom.  I love the painted floor, the diy-ed mirror frame, the new bright wall color - there is just a lot of character going on in there and I'm loving it.  So in thinking of the paint chip colors I had on hand and in going with the same color theme as the teal floor I came up with and idea to make a peacock out of paint chips.

Here's what I did:

First, I just cut out my feather shapes from the paint chips - these are totally free hand cutting, they are all different shapes and sizes and they are definitely not perfect but I kind of liked it that way.

Next I cut out a little bird shape from one of the slate colors I had - this time I did trace my bird shape on the back before cutting.  But, once again it's nothing perfect.  There was a white outline around the edge of the bird after it was cut out - so I just ran a black marker along the edge to make it look more uniform.

I drew some legs and cut out a little wing and then began arranging and gluing down my feathers.

Until I had my finished peacock...

And, I finally had something to use in my frame of old (remember this post).

So this -

Is now this - 

I really like the finished product, it's by no means perfect and took very little skill but I love the colorful statement it makes.

It's actually not hanging up yet, but I love the way it connects everything in the bathroom (and you can see that I have not begun painting the rest of the area back there - (I'm hoping that will be a weekend project).

This was really a super easy project - anyone can do this - and it was free - win/win/win.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. I think the lighthouse was way prettier than the peacock. What were you thinking?

    JUST KIDDING! :) I love it!

  2. Wow! I am serioulsy impressed! I so want to make one of these now!

    Can't beat free either!

  3. That is ADORABLE! I love the "paint chip" peacock! Thanks for another great project!

  4. Love this! I recently hopped on the paint-chip art bandwagon myself (will be sharing on my blog soon). Can't beat free. I did feel a wee bit guilty about taking the paint chips, but I made sure I bought a bunch of other stuff I needed in the same trip. :)

  5. This is so cute! I absolutely love this! Makes me want to make one, but with a fish and fish "scales." It'll be like that book Rainbow Fish! Anyone remember!?!

  6. This is lovely! I love how it turned out. You did a great job!

    1. OH MY GOSH, I love your project :) I'm very impressed at how you freehand cut those things - amazing :) Mine would look like a child got loose in my stash if I did it that way! LOL

  7. What a fun peacock - this is super darling! I love that you used paint chips! Thanks for linking up to my party!


  8. I stumbled upon your blog today -- and definitely happy I did! I LOVE the paint chip bird project! So fun!

    Elena @