Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bedroom Updates & A Faux Pillow Cover

We are taking a break from all things outdoors today (on the blog at least, in real life we are right in the thick of it) and taking a peek at a few updated things in our bedroom.  So just for fun lets look way back and take a quick walk down memory lane and remember the old master cave of yore...

We wasted no time and painted that paneling - trim was made white and walls a gray.  We added a new chandelier light, painted a couple of ikea side tables, added some drapes, a new rug and we were feeling good.

This room is a slow work in progress so after a year we were ready to start adding a few things here and there.  First we found this awesome duvet cover at Target for under $30.  I was sold when I saw the price and then absolutely loved the addition of the big bold stripes.

I also made a faux pillow cover for our little accent pillow above, here is what I did...

This is what I started with, there is nothing necessarily wrong with this pillow but it just didn't match anything we have so I decided to cover it with some fabric that we already had (actually, this is a tablecloth but it's perfect for this).

First I cut off all of the tassels, and then I cut out two squares of fabric that would fit around my pillow.  By the way, this is a pretty quick and non-professional way of doing this.  If you are like me and can't sew this is the way to go, it took me like 10 minutes max.

After I had my two squares I used fabric glue and created a "hem" along all of the sides of both squares. Then I put the pillow on top of one fabric square and then placed the remainder square on top of the pillow (creating a pillow sandwich with the fabric squares)  then I glued together the two squares with the fabric glue again.  The fabric is slightly folded over along the sides of the pillow so there is a seam on the opposite side that you can't see when it's sitting pretty on our bed.  It's ghetto, I know- but it worked.  You can't tell and it's just an accent pillow so it shouldn't get a lot of wear and tear.  

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post about really exciting bedroom updates...So little by little I love the way our little bedroom is coming together (ghetto faux pillows and all).  We really need something on the walls, they are practically screaming at me to put something on them - so that's my next little project.  

After that I feel like I need to address the opposite side of this room, which we won't mention here in this post.  

And so the progress goes on.

Have an awesome day!


  1. Wow, what a transformation! The room looks fantastic!

  2. OMG! It looks SO different! I love the colors you used. And thanks for the tip on the no sew pillows.. I can't sew but have an obsession with fabric!

  3. LOVE this space! It's come such a LONG way, it's so gorgeous :)