Monday, October 22, 2012

Walkway Progress

Who is so happy that this ugly walkway no longer exists in our front yard? Don't everyone shout at once, I'm sure I'm the most excited so just settle down....Our yard is getting a major overhaul, which we are so happy about and we have finished our exterior painting (which I will share with you soon) plus some other little things going on.  But, today we are talking about walkways.  So here is a little flashback of what our front walkway looked like when we first moved in and then continued to look like until about a week ago.

Things I didn't like about it - ugly, rotten wood, ugly, white gravel that was so worn down that the plastic was poking through, ugly - we can all agree that it was a mess.  So we decided it was finally time for this mess to go and we began the process of scraping and shoveling up all of that gravel.  (PS -This is where we left off last week).  If you are wondering what we did with all of the gravel we actually relocated it to our backyard, next to our shed where our lawnmower lives.  It's a perfect little spot for it to live and provide a much needed mud and weed free parking spot - so that was perfect.

We then ended up with a nice smooth surface, which I felt like was a vast improvement from the old yucky walkway.  We also received the gift of a million fallen leaves in our front yard.  I love our big tree but boy does it have a lot of leaves.  I've heard that raking is one of the best exercises you can do - I will have the buffest arms on our street after this fall.

Then we were left with what to do.  We pretty much have a blank slate in our front yard when it comes to the landscaping - which is both exciting and overwhelming.  Personally, I have no idea what to do when it comes to landscaping but, I do happen to be married to a former landscaper (little known facts) so Justin went into full on landscaping mode and began drawing out a plan. He used the water hose to envision a yard map and help give me an idea of what he was talking about.

We decided we wanted a stepping stone type walkway and found the perfect ones at Home Depot.  I love the cottage feel they have.  Justin also marked out the area that we are going to mulch this week.  We want a more natural looking walkway instead of concrete or gravel.  I just think it suits this house, this stone walkway was a match made in heaven or maybe a match made at Home Depot.

So that's pretty much the weekend walkway progress.  This week we plan on finishing the walkway, mulching and start adding some new plants - so I can't wait to share!  

Hope you guys had a wonderful fall weekend! Any outdoor projects going on??  Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. looks really good! we just re-did our walkway at our new house too. SUCH a pain. It started raining :( but it turned out okay thank goodness!