Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dinosaur Birthday Party - Silas is 2!

Where has two years gone? Seriously, I'm not sure if I like my little boy getting older. I'm so thankful for a sweet, energetic and hilarious son - we are so blessed.  We celebrated Silas' second birthday over the weekend with our family and I have some of the party details to share with you.  Recently Silas has taken a liking to dinosaurs so I knew I wanted to do a theme sort of party for him featuring his new found friends.  Silas also has one of the best Roar's I have ever heard in my life so this was a great way to showcase that as well :).

So when it came on how to decorate I knew I wanted to do as much of it myself as possible - and that is just what I did.  This was not a giant party, it was low key but I wanted Silas to have fun and enjoy it so for me, it was all about him.

Today I will give you some of the details shots and then I will give you another post with a breakdown of all the specific projects I did and what it cost and all of that, you know for all of the dinosaur parties you are wanting to throw in the near future- this will be most helpful.

So here's some ideas to get you started...

Lots of diying going on here - mini chalkboards, burlap tablecloth, birthday banners and so on...

I found a lot of the supplies online at a precious little shop called Sweet Lulu here's a link to some of her awesome goodies: Striped Paper Straws

Ok, don't laugh at my dinosaur cake (well, you can it you want, just not to my face).  I totally needed more icing but just didn't have it.  Note to self: if attempting a dino cake in the future, plan for more icing than necessary.  Even though it didn't quite turn out magazine worthy Silas loved it and even knew it was a dinosaur so that's all that mattered to me.

I loved these plastic milk bottles - a great kid friendly (and wallet friendly) alternative to the fancy glass ones. 

Some of Silas' favorite foods, plus cute mini snack cups found at Sweet Lulu.

We served a variety of Silas foods and adult foods (most not pictured) so everyone had a chance to eat something they enjoyed.  We had such a great time celebrating together and watching Silas open his gifts and hear what he had to say or just watch his funny expressions.  It was a special time.  

As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a great momma you are!! The party looks like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Silas!

  2. Love it! I shared it with my sister as she's planning my nephew's 2nd birthday party at the end of November! :)