Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kids Party Ideas - DIY Dinosaur Burlap Tablecloth

Today I have a little dinosaur party project to share with you.  This project actually cost me nothing to make, just because I already had all of the supplies on hand but really wouldn't cost very much at all if you needed to purchase a few of the materials.  I had so much fun making this!  It's simple and easy and so cute.  It only took me a couple of hours one night to complete so if you have a lot going on this is not that a very time consuming project.

Materials needed for the project:
- Burlap cut to fit your size table
- Craft paint in your choice of colors
- Skinny tip craft paint brush & a fatter craft paint brush
- Dinosaur Stencils (you can see how I did mine below)
- Scrap Paper
- Fine tip Permanent Marker (Lighter colors work best)

So I started out by cutting my burlap to the size I wanted and then ironed my burlap on a medium-low heat setting (the steam was the best so if you had a steamer you could use that as well).

Next, I needed a few dinosaur stencils and I knew the perfect place to find a few dinosaurs - in one of Silas' dino books.  So I found a few easy shapes and traced them onto a piece of white paper and cut them out so I could then trace the pattern onto my burlap.

I decided on the placement and chose which colors I wanted to use.

Then I placed a little stack of scrap paper under each dinosaur template and traced around them with a fine tip permanent marker.  Make sure you leave the paper underneath while you paint so you won't get any bleed through on your table.  Also, the paper helps allow you to fill in a lot of the spaces in the burlap itself.  Some of the paper stuck to the back of my burlap when I was finished but I didn't mind because you couldn't tell when it was on the table.

Next I just used my skinny tipped craft paint brush to trace around the outline of the dinos and then used the fatter brush to fill it all in.  I did two coats of paint just to get a good coverage.

And then I had this!  I loved it.

It was ready for our little snack table set up.  

I love the look of burlap and you could do this with any shape, monogram, design that you wanted.  I actually have and idea of what I want to do with the tablecloth now that the party is over so hopefully I will be able to reuse it.

Thanks so much for burlap painting with us today!  Anyone else have any party planning diying going on?  Share with us!!


  1. I love this! You could do this with any shape just like you suggested! Looks like it was a great party!

  2. Your post simply proves that we don't need lots of expensive things to be creative and no need to spend extra money on decorations.You can ask little guests of party to help you in this decorations.very nice !!