Friday, November 9, 2012

New Message Board and Updates

Some things you just can't leave alone.  I have this little message board that I made way back and is now on to its third rendition.  Maybe its because its such an easy project to redo, maybe its because I just can't make up my mind or maybe I just enjoy change every now and again.  Either way, I like the new message board and maybe I'll stick with it for a while this time.  Here's how the board started -

And then it went on to look like this...

Then I decided to make a new kitchen chalkboard which took over the message board living space so it moved and received a new update to now look like this...

I simply took off the twine and the old fabric and pins and recovered it with new fabric and spray painted the frame a glossy navy blue.  Simple changes but I love the result.

So moving on, I am totally already into the Christmas spirit and next week I will start sharing with you some of the Christmasy things I have been working on, can't wait!  I think its because Silas is so much more aware of things this year and I know he will be so into Christmas this year so I am so into to.  Can I say so one more time?

I've also working on some changes around here on the old blog - I'm working on a new project page which will hopefully be easier to navigate and find older project posts and soon I will be updating the home tour page as well.  I've also added a little space for holiday projects on the sidebar and I will be updating it with the new things happening next week.  So many bloggy things going on so check back soon!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and great weekend!!


  1. Love the new look of the board, and the new layout!

  2. I love the burlap look around the frame! You just put an idea in my head. I can't wait to hit our local crafty store. :)

  3. I totally love all 3 incarnations of the board!

  4. Thanks so much for following my blog @ Even Sweeter Dreams! I love this idea of the message board. Simple but very effective :D

    xx Susie

  5. Love it! It's so cute! I'm always talking and tweaking things as I go!

  6. Love that fabric! And the navy frame warms it up! Great choice!

    1. Thanks Jessica! The fabric is an old curtain I got at Target :).

  7. oooh, i love these boards-i have made a few but your are really fun! thanks for the follow-im following back and looking forward to learning from you. :)

  8. They all look awesome but I think I like the last version the best!