Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Painting an Old Shed

Remember when we had the most ugly paint color ever on our house exterior?  Yes, I don't want to remember it either.  Remember when I still haven't posted about our huge task of painting the exterior of the house?  I do have a reason, I promise I'm just not being slack.  We have a few more things we are working on out front (like mulch and planting) and I would love to show a totally finished shot to you and right now we are still in progress - its coming though - as soon as we can get all of the leaves to fall off of this tree...

Its so pretty but I think it has more leaves on it than all the other trees on our street combined.  We can rake them all up and two days later we are right back to having a full yard of leaves.

So, we are kind of on hold on the front yard projects until we get this under control.  

Ok, so wasn't this post about painting our shed?  So let's get to that - since I don't have a big unveiling of our house painting project I decided to share our little shed redo in the back.  So here's a side by side - then and now shot:

I love this new paint color so much and painting the shed gave me a new found love for it so I decided to jazz it up a bit with a new wreath (that I made with dollar store things) and a little sitting area.  We also had an extra stone from our walkway project so we placed in front of the shed.  Eventually when we mulch everything we will add mulch around the shed and probably a few little plants.

I'll share a few details about our new sitting area soon.  I think its adorable and I used things that I found in the shed after we cleaned it out - fitting right?

It only took me about two days during naps to complete the shed painting project.  PS - Silas takes 3 hour naps (I know, I'm spoiled).  I think the purple door and white details make it for me.  It's adding the little touches like this to something that might usually get overlooked that make it lovely.

Our little shed went from one of my least favorite things in our yard to one my favorite.  Although, when we moved in most of everything in our yard was one of my least favorite things.  
Hope you guys are having a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It looks great! I also love the sitting area you created. So cute!

  2. Following you from the almost friday hop, I'd love if you followed me too :)

    Lyndsay @

  3. This project turned out very well. I have never even attempted to paint anything. Great inspiration! Visiting from the Almost Friday hop.


  4. Yikes! That is A LOT of leaves :)

    Love what you did with your shed, looks great! Looked through your house tour as well, what a lot of work you've put into your home, beautiful!

    I'm following you back, looking forward to seeing what you do with the outside :)

  5. LOVE your blog! So glad you stopped by ephesians wife!! The shed looks great :) Can't wait to read more!!

  6. This looks fantastic!

    Our home is in need of some serious TLC, so I'm off to check out some more posts!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. :). I'm super impressed with your shed. It is too adorable.
    Following you back. Xoxo

  8. That turned out so cute! What a fun area in your yard now!

  9. Hello! Thanks for joining Nice to Meet You {GFC Blog Hop}. Hope to see you linking up again next Tuesday! :)

  10. Hey Megan,
    This turned out so cute!
    Thanks so much for linking up and linking back last week at the Humble Brag! Hope to see you back tomorrow to link up more great projects. Don't forget, we will be giving away more free ad space! :) Also, you were featured, so grab a button - you earned it!

  11. Megan I'm so glad I found your blog too! I love all the projects you have done in your home especially your kitchen makeover. I'm now following you on fb, pinterest, and twitter.You mentioned that you live in the Raleigh area when you visited my blog earlier today. I've started a small fb group of bloggers (mostly from the Raleigh area) we all met last year at the Southern Bloggers conference here in Raleigh. Anyways we try to get together every once in a while and go thrift store shopping, talk blogging etc. If you want we can add you to our group.

    1. Hey Danielle! Following you back! And yes!! I would love to be added to your group! I would love to connect with some more local bloggers. Thanks so much for asking!

  12. Super cute shed! Do you remember the name of the paint color? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Megan! I used the same color on our house exterior as well - it is Valley Hills by Behr. The darker tone is called Painted Turtle by Behr. We used the premium exterior behr paint finish. Here is the house painting link if you would want to check that out!

  13. I adore your updated shed so much (those colors!) and how you created seating from your salvaged finds. I've always wanted a little garden shed, and yours would fit perfectly in my back yard ;)