Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Number Inspiration

So funny story, I still have not written a post about painting our house exterior.  But - I promise our house has been painted (at least mostly).  DIY painting your house exterior is no joke.  We still have little spots here and there that I am slowly finishing.  For the most part its complete so I do intend on posting about it someday sooner rather than later.  Here's a little idea on the color palette we chose.  The purple color is not exact - our color is a Martha Stewart Living color which has been discontinued at Home finding the original one online proved very difficult (but it's close).

Now that our house is painted and spring is right around the corner I have started to get an itch for continuing our work on the exterior and updating a few more things.  We need to continue our landscaping, finish our walkway, paint the mailbox, etc.  Today though, lets talk house numbers.  I kind of really love house numbers.  To me, they add so much charm and character to the front exterior of a home.  I have been to the big warehouse stores several times but just can't find anything I really like or that seems to fit our little cottage style house.

After perusing the internet though, I found several options that I really love...

Up first are these awesome tiled house numbers.  I love how pretty this is and I'm kind of thinking this could be diy'ed, hmmmmm.  

I absolutely love these white ceramic house numbers.  There is something vintage and yet modern about them.

These painted numbers are so charming and sweet.  This could totally be a diy project as well.  I love the pop of yellow.

Since our house color is a little on the darker side I like the idea of having just pretty white numbers against the house.  Love the style of these.

And finally this sweet hand painted number plate.  Its customizable and made from scratch by CMB Studio (etsy shop) and at only $28.00 I think a great price.  Etsy is great place to check out customized and handmade house numbers.

Ok, so those are some of the house number ideas that I'm digging right now.  So now we just need the weather to actually warm up and act like spring so we can get excited about working outside.  Are you guys starting to get that spring itch like me?  Whose ready for some outdoor projects?!!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!!


  1. I NEED it to be Spring. Yesterday.

    We have been in our house for 4 years and still don't have house numbers. Oops. I really like those white numbers!!

    1. Seriously, you guys have been blasted this winter!!!

  2. I love those house colors compared to my boring white and navy blue. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to keep following your cute blog.

    Kimberly @

  3. I really like the pop of yellow, and how it matches the door!

  4. I love the plain white numbers. :) But that's just hoopy's opinion. :)

  5. Beautiful choices! Can't wait to see the exterior paint reveal!

    ~Abby =)

  6. I vote for the yellow numbers, super cute! I want to see the finished paint job, the colors are pretty
    I am now following from the GFC blog hop