Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Building the Patio - Choosing Pavers

Its definitely time for an update when it comes to the patio.  Things have been moving rather slowly around here - well at least when it comes to patio building.  Over the weekend our goal was to pick out, purchase and lay down the patio - that however did not happen.  Seems as though choosing a paver took a little longer than originally thought and then loading them and unloading them took longer than expected as well.  Its just the way projects go sometimes.  So, I don't have a finished patio to show you yet but we do have pavers.....

As you can gather we actually have two different kinds going on.  I wasn't necessarily planning on choosing a paver and a brick but when I saw this brick I really kind of loved it.

Its called Old Towne Blend by Pavestone.  I love the variation of colors and after some deliberation we all (Me, Justin, Mark and Buddy) decided that it would be a nice accent.  

Now, on to the main paver.  Originally I was just thinking of going with something really plain.  I didn't like square and I didn't want anything that would be rough and leave an uneven surface (its surprising how many pavers are bumpy...who wants to sit on a bumpy patio?)  But everyone else wasn't feeling my decision.  So we kind of went back and forth several times.  

After finding the brick and agreeing it would make a great accent I was really liking this square paver - this one is Nantucket's Yorkstone Tan Variegated.  The variation of color is really nice and it has a slight texture to it.  Its plain with a twist I would say.

We have been playing around with patterns this week - we are kind of liking this.  Honestly, I'm sure we will re-arrange and arrange again before we decide on the final pattern.

Slowly this week our plan is to start moving the pavers from the front yard to the back (something we haven't started yet).  This patio job is a ton of work from start to finish.  Everything is heavy and labor intensive.  I'm so thankful my toughest job yet was choosing which pavers we wanted.  Man, that was difficult/I'm kind of spoiled.  Someone has to make lunch though right?

 Hopefully we will have a finished patio by the end of this weekend!  Can't wait to share the finished project with you!

So have any of you guys ever started a project and have it take way longer than expected?  Do you have trouble choosing your project supplies sometimes?  Share with me!

Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. Um, YES! I started building a console table, and between pollen attacking the air and the recent rain, I haven't had a good chuck of time to go out and do the last cuts/staining/assembly. C'est la vie. This weekend should be good though!

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  3. The brick is lovely! I have several projects that I cannot seem to finish in normal time too... Just trying to push through it. Can't wait to see your finished patio!

  4. Love the brick! Can't wait to see how you guys come up with a pattern! We're looking for inspiration for our patio project!

  5. ahh, pavers. Who knew it would be so hard, huh? I can't wait to see the patio finished. We are currently building our deck:) Can't wait til it's finished!

  6. Girl, I so hear you on the slow-moving projects. We're doing our master bath right now and every step takes 3 times as long as I thought it would. Ugh. I LOVE the bricks/pavers you chose! I just know your patio is going to turn out beautifully! Hope you're having a great week!

    ~Abby =)