Monday, January 26, 2015

Kids Project: Easy Chalkboard Sign

Today I bring to you, the Silas project.  The winter days can get a little tricky sometimes with a little one indoors.  We haven't had a ton of snow this season, but it seems as though we have had a lot of cold rainy days that have kept us inside.  These are the days when you just need to be creative and find something new to do so that you and your kid don't go crazy.  One of those days recently Silas decided he wanted to paint something.  So naturally, we found something for him to paint.

  Silas is the kind of kid who could care less about craft projects.  If he makes a few squiggles with a crayon he is pretty much tapped out on crafting.  But, if he gets to use tools or a big paint brush he's all in.  Must be the boy in him.  Kind of like the other day when we went inside Charming Charlie's- after a minute or two he sweetly asked me- "Mommy, can boys be in here?"  That was an honest question.  He's just all boy and can't help it.  I guess all of the pink and sparkles were throwing him off a bit.

So after we found something to paint - which ended up being a piece of pallet wood we had in our shed- he chose to use the chalkboard paint.  And, he had a blast painting this thing.  It was like the most simplest of projects ever but it was his own personal project and he was into it.

The camera came out and he needed a few pictures to remember the moment.  I don't know why but when I want him to smile and be still for family shots he can't, but he can all of a sudden pose for this.  We have about 50 more of these photos.  I tried to get him to put something different on the sign but he won out in the end - this was his project after all.  He loves dinosaurs, that is that.

So do you guys have any fun go to indoor projects or activities you do with your kids?  I'd love to know!!  Share withe me!
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