Thursday, February 5, 2015

Easy Paper Arrow Canvas

Today I have a simple and sweet craft project to share.  If you can cut strips of paper and triangles, you can do this!

Gather your supplies:
1. A canvas (check your local craft store)
2. Modge Podge in Matte Finish
3. Scissors
4. Pretty Papers
5. Paint Brush
6. Embellishments (twine, ribbon, washi tape, etc)

-Start by cutting out your arrow strips from your pretty paper.  
-Next, apply your modge podge to both the back and front of your paper strips and place them on your canvas where you would like them.  I usually use a little more at this point and lightly brush over everything and make sure its smooth.
- Then cut out your arrowheads (aka triangles) and any fletching designs you like (arrow lingo for the back of the arrow...I googled it, I really don't have that kind of arrow knowledge)
- This is also the time to find any other embellishments you would like to add
-Modge Podge away until you have your desired arrows.
-Make sure you give your canvas one final all over coat of modge podge to seal it all together
-Give it a night to dry and you are done!

So sweet and cute for Valentine's Day or even a little girls room...or just of fun!  

PS - Don't ever try to type "modge podge" - auto correct will have a heyday. 

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