Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kids Room Ideas

Last week I shared how we were working on finishing up some projects in Silas' room and how much I was loving it.  This little room has so many fun little touches.  With his pallet shelf all completed it was time to officially recover his "couch" as he calls it.

His "couch" was originally a project we did for the Pinterest challenge a couple of years ago.  It was actually an ottoman we made for our living room but Silas came to love and use it so much it eventually migrated to his room.  Its the perfect size for him to play on, read books, watch a show, etc.  He loves that its just his size.  
So when I set to recover it I looked for a fabric that would work well with everything else we were putting in his room.  I love to look at the clearance section at big stores for "fabrics" - for example, curtains, shower curtains (which is what I originally used for this), sheets, table cloths -anything!  I came across a set of sheets at Target in the clearance section and was sold.  So yes, I used a flat sheet to recover.  I think the set was $7.78.  If you buy fabric ever you know that trying to find a fabric you love for a price like that is amazing.  Plus, since it was a set I got a fitted sheet to use on his bed as a bonus.  I love this kind of stuff.

I love the mix of patterns from the fabric to the rug.  So fun.  

Each little project just brings a feeling of completion to his room and is driving me to get it all done.  I'm determined to get my list completed in his space before I move on to other things.  One thing at a time!

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