Thursday, February 19, 2015

Utility Vest, Arctic Edition

What do you wear when its freezing?  And why is it so amazingly cold in NC?  I need answers!  This week's style challenge from Putting Me Together is to wear something from your closet that you haven't worn in 6 months.  I knew I wanted to wear this utility vest but as the temperatures have plummeted I wasn't sure how I could and be actually warm.  This vest is something I picked up last Spring at a great price and was really excited to wear it.  But for some reason I have struggled with what to wear it with and since I haven't been comfortable with it, it has just sat.  No more! 

I have never thought about putting each of these things together but its crazy when you force yourself to be a little creative with your closet what possibilities you can come up with.  Green on green - yes.  Leopard print scarf - absolutely.  Black and cognac - everyday.  

To make this vest really work in the winter I actually doubled it up.  Earlier this season I lost my coat and had to search out a new one.  The one I found was on sale like crazy (buying a coat after Christmas is where its at) and it had a removable vest inside for extra warmth (that is fleece lined).  So to make my utility vest wearing dreams come true, I removed the vest from my coat and layered it underneath the utility vest.  So warm.  This was great for 30s.  Today its in the teens so I'm sure I will need even more layers!

We go kind of crazy here when it snows or get any kind of wintry precipitation. This was mostly ice but, that did not stop us from building a snowman and running around outside like kids.
We've had our three days of winter and I think we are all good now.  We wouldn't be too sad if it became Spring.  

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  1. This week it's been as low as -20 celsius. Brrrrr!

    That vest is looking great on you!

    Antonella | Love Your Home

  2. I really love this look and pinned it. I have a utility vest and am looking for different ways to wear it. It was smart to double it up. We've been having unseasonably warm weather here and I kind of wish for some snow. My son asked if we could build a snowman soon and I didn't have an answer. But I hope you get your spring soon.

  3. I really like these colors together! And that scarf! I've been looking for a scarf like yours for a while now. Hopefully it will be warm before we know it and we can wear our cargo vests without getting cold :)

  4. This looks great, I really like the green + green + leopard combination. And what a smart move on doubling up the vests!

  5. I'm in NC too and have got to agree that February was quite a challenge. Cute outfit!