Monday, September 21, 2015

Easy Fall Craft: Fabric Covered Pumpkins

We are just getting back from a weekend fall retreat with our students and my heart is so full.  We have such a great group of students, adult leaders and an awesome God.  Its so humbling to be a part of this ministry and to share moments together of students going from death to life, students loving and encouraging each other and seeing real growth in teenagers.  I do have confidence in the next generation.  They are awesome and I just love them.  Since we had fall retreat I feel like I can officially kick off the season of fall now around here.  Today I have an easy fall craft to share- fabric covered (dollar store) pumpkins!

Here are the supplies I used:
- Two pumpkins I found at the dollar store
-Mod Podge (also grabbed at the dollar store)
- Paint brush
-Scrap Fabric (I use everything from dish towels, napkins and curtains)
- Gold Paint Pen
If you have never used mod podge - no worries its fool proof.  After cutting out some fabric strips from various left over fabrics (table cloths, napkins, etc) it was as simple as brushing a little mod podge on the pumpkin and applying the strip on top.  After getting all of the strips on your pumpkin you need to apply a good coat over everything - sealing it all together. 

After it dried I used a little gold paint pen to paint the little stems... and done.

These are now so sweet and scrappy and cute, I love them.  Now time to start busting out the fall decor and filling up our home with autumn.  Have a great week!

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