Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Vignettes

Just little moments here and there.  I haven't gone full blown fall yet but I have been creeping things out a little at a time.  Here are a few ideas for adding a little fall to your home...

I think just adding a few things like a couple of little pumpkins and some hydrangea from your yard can change things up a bit.  Just by swapping a few things out is an easy way to liven a little spot up. I love changing things around in little spaces in our house often, I can't stand for it to stay the same all the time.  If you are looking for a square boxwood wreath, make one like this!  It was easy and inexpensive.

I seriously love adding flowers from the yard.  I will use anything, even twigs and stems.  Free is always good and having an element of the outdoors inside is just nice.  My little fabric pumpkins are peeking around here as well.

I made this chalkboard a while back and I love that I can change it up often too.

More chalkboards!  Can't get enough.  This little wreath is one I made exactly like this spring fabric wreath.  Super simple - embroidery hoop and little scrap pieces of fabric tied around.

Do owls/birds feel like fall to you?  For some reason they do to me and they are taking over our house.  Which is strange if you know me, because birds are my least favorite animal of all time - I would rather run into a snake or spider.  I have a weird fear of birds - but my son loves them so he is helping me cope.  But I like bird figurines in my house - I make no sense.

Have you gone full blown fall yet?  Share with me your favorites parts of the season!  Tomorrow I'm sharing some of my favorite fall wardrobe pieces and ideas for getting the most out of them so stop by!

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