Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 Organizing Ideas to Jumpstart Your Year!

Organizing is something I always struggle with...actually keeping things organized is what I struggle with. I can purge, get things looking neat, and have a place for all the little things but lots of times I fail keeping it that way.  I have found though that making things pretty helps a ton when it comes to keeping me motivated to stay organized.  You don't have to spend a ton of money on organizing supplies to have a pretty space (although you could).  Sometimes its just an addition of something little that makes it for you.  I have several organizing projects on my list to do for the beginning of the year, so to help jumpstart that creative process and get motivation to get going I have a list of 10 simple and pretty organizing ideas to get us thinking and on the right track!

1. Use Colorful Dollar Store Bins to keep things in place - I always check the dollar store and dollar spots first for little projects like this.

2. Use Simple Washi Tape under labels to keep it neat and pretty - Just adding a little patterned washi tape under your labels is an easy way to make it pretty.

5. Use Paint to brighten up your Home Office Space (even if its tiny!) - A small space is a great place to add a bright color!

8. Mix High & Low -(Purge and Designate a space for random items in your common areas) - Use dollar store basic bins and add in one or two pretty patterned storage bins for a little fun and not a lot of cost.

9.  Spray paint basic labels with Chalkboard Paint  - (these were just name tag labels)

I guess its time for me to go and conquer some more of my cluttered spaces.  We are currently in the process of updating and remodeling parts of our kitchen (can't wait to share!) So I have a ton of kitchen organizing projects I will need to get a start on.  Lets get a good start to the new year! Happy Organizing!!

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