Monday, January 4, 2016

The Best of The Remodeled Life in 2015

Each year I love looking back and remembering what the past 365 days have held.  Its fun to remember the exciting times, brings perspective to the trying times and always seems to motivate me forward for the next year.  I decided to round up the best posts from this little blog from 2015 (based on post views) and its fun to see all the little projects and milestones along the way.  Thanks so much for hanging in there with me this year and showing your support.  I am so thankful for everyone who reads, comments, shares and encourages me on this little journey.  I have some bigger blog goals in mind this year (some of which I'll share more of as I go) and I'm excited to see what this next year has in store for The Remodeled Life.  I already have in place some design changes (things are a little messy right now) and there will be more updating to come!  So before I start getting all ahead of myself lets take a quick look back on the top posts from last year....

This simple dollar store craft was such an easy and fun project!

This post one of my biggest - 10 Fall Wardrobe Favorites.  I have a Winter Favorites to share soon so stay tuned!

This Christmas was so simple and enjoyable for us and I loved spending some time making it meaningful.

Last year I started focusing on simplifying things in my life and getting rid of "stuff" was a top priority for me. I'm still working on little corners of the house but our closet clean out and wardrobe slim down was one of my favorite things I did this year.  

A simple and quick tassel necklace tutorial.

I have had a ton of questions about how I like our Chalkboard door - and the answer is I absolutely love it!  It was a simple way to transform and bring new life to an old and beat up door.

I thought is was super cool that one of my best posts this year had to do with scripture.  If you are setting goals and desire a closer relationship with God, then spending time in God's word is so important.  It really is life changing.

Silas' favorite thing, his simple pallet board shelf.

Our Living Room took a major turn this year and it keeps changing - more updates coming soon!

This is probably the most simple hairstyle ever and I always get tons of people asking me how I do it.  It just takes a headband and some time tucking and rolling your hair under - easy!

This was my first post of 2015 and its still a favorite.  A simple ceiling fan change will do wonders to your space!

And last, this was my number one viewed post of the year - how to wear a maxi dress in the winter.  I love the idea of finding different ways to wear and use all of your closet items all year long! 

Thanks so much for reading and following along!  Looking forward to what the next year brings.

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