Thursday, January 18, 2018

DIY Simple Farmhouse Wreath

We got the most beautiful snow here yesterday.  I have always loved the snow, it brings such a calm when it comes.  I love going out and exploring and I also love being inside in the warmth and coziness of our home.  Snow days and winter days are a great time to sit and use your hands to make something.  I love baking in the winter, decorating for the seasons and also getting my craft on.  So today I have a super simple diy wreath to share with you.

I love making these wreaths because they are usually almost free (I refuse to throw any sort of fabric scrap away) and they are simple and quick.  All my favorite things when it comes to making a craft.

I have been slowly decorating after Christmas this year.  I haven't been in so much of a rush.  This is what my little shelves currently hold in the living room.  I'm still moving it all around so I'll share a completed post soon when I get settled on it.  But I love the addition of the little wreath!

The instructions are easy - cut and tie - done.  I think the hardest part was choosing which colors I was going to use together.  I decided to go with naturals but I have done colorful ones in the past too.

I'm really into neutrals right now..I think after Christmas I am just wanting simple and calm.

Hope you can have a calm and simple day today!  If you are home try making something new!

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