Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter 10 x 10 Challenge

A couple of years ago I was really feeling the desire to simplify and declutter a lot of different things in our home and life.  One of those big things was my wardrobe.  I paired down my closet significantly and shared all about my simplified closet here.  It has ebbed and flowed throughout the last couple of years but in general I have tried to keep it simple.  I love it when fun challenges come along when it comes to being creative with what you already have -instead of adding a bunch of new and unnecessary things.  Plus it helps keep you on the right track.  Starting today, Style Bee and Unfancy are hosting a fun Winter 10x10 challenge for those of us who enjoy being creative with less.

Simply its 10 items, 10 outfits, 10 days.  Its a way to be creative with what you own and work within a micro capsule to find new ideas and styles you might not have ever thought of.  Above are my chosen 10 items I will be working with over the next 10 days.   Some of these pieces are my absolute favorites I wear all of the time and some are things I haven't worn in a while.  

1. Black Ankle Boots (similar, similar)
4. Brown Ankle Boots (similar, similar)
5. Gray Sweater (similar)
6. Maroon Turtleneck (similar)
8. Pink Flannel (similar, similar)
10. Gray Knit Blazer (similar)

Accessories are not part of the 10, so by all means - accessorize away!

I love it when I get a chance to wear a pair of earrings from Panama.  I love a big earring.

Also I had no time to worry with my hair so I quickly tucked it back into my headband.  Its super simple and I have a little post about it here.

If you want to join in come and follow along on Instagram! I will be posting daily in my story and you can use the hashtag and check out what everyone is coming up with.  Let me know so I can follow you too!  At the end I will be following up on the blog to let you know how it all goes so stay tuned for that in a little over a week.  

Enjoy what you already have today!

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