Tuesday, February 27, 2018

DIY Basics - Recovering a Thrift Store Chair

I am a big fan of thrift store shopping...for furniture and things for the house.  I'm not the biggest fan of shopping for clothes at thrift stores only because I get overwhelmed (am I the one one?).  There is something really fun about scoring a great piece at thrift store for next to nothing and seeing the potential it has to be something great.  One of my favorite places to shop for things for the home is Habitat Restore...if you have never been to one you need to check it out.  I have found some really great things there for amazing prices.  There are a few keys to shopping at thrift stores...know when they restock, know when they mark down and go frequently.  

So I came across this chair at the Restore for $10 and loved it..I am a big chair fan.  This one though is in really great shape (it also folds up for storing), sturdy and I decided I didn't even want to paint it (super shocking I know).  All it needed in my opinion was a seat recovering.  

This is actually not the fabric above that was on the chair when I bought it...I had this laying around and covered it really quickly until I got something I liked.  This fabric was not really my favorite and didn't quite work in our space.

After thinking about it I decided I wanted something simple and basic that would go with anything.  This! This check fabric is like my most favorite thing ever.  After I covered the chair I made cafe curtains and a pillow too...with hot glue, haha.  They are still holding up great too...I need to make a post on that.

Ok, so covering a chair seat is really simple.  You need a staple gun (they are inexpensive) and that's pretty much it.  The hardest part is folding the corners in so it sits right.

Honestly I probably do it a little differently each time. I just make sure its really tight and folded in on the corners and then staple like crazy.  This seat just screwed right back in to the chair base, its was simple.

I love the simple and classic look of this chair.  Don't be intimidated by thrift store finds, there is a treasure of good stuff out there waiting for you to make it beautiful again.

How about you guys...are you thrift shopping people?  What are some of your best finds?

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