Saturday, March 31, 2018

Simple Easter Table

Wow, there has been a lot going on for us this last month! I'm happy to be sitting down to write up a little blog post for today.  Easter is coming tomorrow so I thought I would share a little snapshot of our kitchen and some simple decor ideas anyone can whip up last minute.  I love using things I already have, usually by browsing around the house I can find things to use and then add in a little handmade touch to make it feel new.  

I have always loved dying eggs for easter so I try and sit down to do it with Silas every year.  Also a bonus is how pretty the eggs are for decorating.  This year I didn't buy any extra we were left with orange, yellow and green.  They still turned out super pretty. 

My favorite part is that Silas has about 5 seconds of wait time for the eggs so they are very pastel....which I like.  So this took like 2 minutes haha.

I just looked around the house for white or light blue colored items to use together and went to the yard to trim some flowers and greenery for the table.  Its always pretty to group various items on the table for your centerpiece.  Mix it up!!

I love all of the light and airy pastel goodness.

Recently I have been reading through Exodus in leading up to Easter.  I have read Exodus several times in my life but for some reason this time I am overwhelmed with the beauty of it.  All I can see is Jesus all over the pages.  Its amazing how much the Bible points to the coming Savior.  

 I hope you can see Jesus all over your life.  He is all we need.  He has come, He has saved and He continues to provide all we need.  

Happy Easter!

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