Thursday, April 14, 2011

Holy War

So, for those of you logging in hoping to read a beautifully written post with an inspiring message or subtle humor written by Megan, you are about to be really upset.  Somehow, someway I was asked to write another post.  I never thought that I would get another chance, but here I am with another opportunity to write about our little piece of Heaven.

Now, let me be honest (and this will be news to absolutely nobody reading this).  Megan is most definitely the brains of the operation here.  She is the boss and I am the worker bee.  This house is mainly her canvas and I am but a paintbrush that she gets to use to paint her masterpiece.  I do get to throw my two cents in, but the reason why this is so much fun for me is because I get to see the most creative person that I know work on such a large scale.  Of course this is only possible because our style is very much the same, we have the same tastes in most everything (except for olives which I like, butter beans which she likes). 

Being the worker bee I get to do a lot of mundane and boring tasks.  One such task appeared seemingly out of thin air.  As we began to paint the kitchen with all of the amazingly hideous wood tiny little holes started to pop up.  It was crazy to see one hole after the other appear out of nowhere and start to glare menacingly at us.  The thing that was so annoying to us was the fact that if we could have seen them we would have taken care of them before we started painting (luckily we had to paint that wood a bajillion times so it wasn’t that big of a deal). 


This hole thing was really a sight to see.  I felt like David Copperfield was sitting over our shoulder magically making these holes keep on showing up.  We just couldn’t figure it out.  Where were these holes coming from, and more importantly, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE NEED THIS MANY HOLES IN THEIR WALL?!  It was as if Woody Woodpecker used to live here and he took out his frustrations after a long day banging his beak against the wall.  There were more holes on the wall than hairs on my back (too much?). 


For hours I was able to work covering these holes up with putty, waiting for them to dry and then sanding them down.  It was quite an ordeal.  We had to go around the room numerous times, always finding more and more holes.  I think that we have finally gotten most of them filled in but I am sure that there are many more lurking around the corner ready to spring up at us. 

It is crazy to see how ugly a bunch of empty holes look like.  They are incomplete and really doing nothing at all except for sitting there and making the whole wall around them nasty.  They need to be filled so that area of space can be what it needs to be, a complete and whole wall.  I guess it is kind of like us.  We are empty inside, not really doing anything until we have an introduction to our Savior.  Then we are filled by Him and we can truly be what we need to be, complete and whole in Him.

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  1. AMEN! You are sooooooooooooo very right! Keep on writing mister! You guys are the perfect pair!

    Domestic, But Not Martha