Friday, April 15, 2011

Exterior House Tour

It's such a beautiful day today so why not spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful day God has made and the outdated exterior of our house that someone built in the early 60's?  I don't think our house has seen an update to the outside since the 60's, it's in major need of some updated curb appeal.  So here is a tour of everything we plan on changing (and a few keeps).

The color - gross.  Probably the number one thing I can't stand about this house.  The house will be painted in the very near future, that has been a plan since day one.  One of our students aptly remarked that our house color was the same as Dwight Schrute's shirt, need I say more?  Except maybe that "I am faster than 80% of all snakes" (Dwight Schrute).

Here is our lovely pebbled walkway with half the pebbles missing. 

The next stop on the tour is the thing that ranks a very close second in what I can't stand most about the outside, these plants.  Since when did NC become a tropical or desert location?  That's all I can think of when I look at these plants and it just doesn't fit.  For those of you who might like these, you are more than welcome to come dig them up for us and take them away.  Something that is surprising to me is that there is not one flower planted in our yard.  This house has been living here for 50 years and no one has planted one flower - odd.

This is Justin's favorite thing, the screen door.  Ok, just kidding.  He hates it.  We do however have plans one day to replace the door and build some kind of porch out front, I'm excited about that.

Ooooh, our lighting -it  even came equipped with a yellow bulb - our house just oozes modern.

More Dwight Schrute shutters.

The right side of the house is actually an addition and it has a different kind of siding.  Notice the bubbled up paint, yeah that didn't happen until we moved in and had monsoon rain.

Yay! Something I love, the beautiful tree in our front yard.  I love looking out the front and seeing this tree.  It also creates wonderful shade.  I can imagine Silas climbing this tree one day.  This one is a keeper.

Our little backyard, it's fenced which is a plus and has a little shed - two things we also like.

So there you have it, you now have seen where all of our free time this summer/fall will go.  In the meantime Silas is working hard on choosing the right exterior paint color.  We will let you know what he chooses soon.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. This looks like a mansion compared to ours right now! SERIOUSLY. I need to do an exterior post so you can compare. The house itself is really cute and can easily be updated. I don't know if I mentioned I'm a new follower or not.. lol I'm having a little to much fun going through everything in your blog. Haha.