Friday, April 22, 2011

Little Details

So continuing on with Silas' nursery this week, I wanted to share a few little items from his room that really make it special and personal.  I am a lover of all things handmade so I was thrilled when so many talented people showered us with beautiful handmade items and have given Silas something he can cherish for a long time.  I also made a few Etsy purchases along the way that added extra personality and uniqueness to his room (if you don't know about Etsy you can read about it here).  

One of the biggest issues I had when decorating was choosing bedding for his crib.  I just didn't like the matchy-matchy crib in a bag sets and everything seemed either too cheesy or girly.  So my mom and I started searching for something different and ended up choosing a little handmade quilt made by Etsy artist Clevelandgirlie and it is perfect.  Her detail and workmanship is so lovely.  I love that it is something that Silas will have forever and it's not too babyish so he can use it for a while.

One of my favorite items is a little handmade crotchet cat that one of our sweet students made for Silas.  She surprised us with it at our baby shower and I just fell in love with it.  She is so talented.  My niece has already requested one for herself because she thinks it's the coolest thing ever, she reminds me of this every time I see her.

Silas' artwork was another Etsy purchase we made from artist  She was so sweet to purchase from and included several free items and a kind note (I love the little personal touches you get when purchasing from an etsy artist!) I have had so many compliments and queries about his little artwork.  It's the cutest little thing.  I love how simple and sweet it is.

An animal baseball team...let's just call this perfection.

Ok, the next thing was a huge surprise for both Justin and I.  This rocking horse was made by another Silas who is the grandfather of two sweet students of ours.  This is so special to us and I know it will be special to Silas one day as well and I can't wait to tell him that another Silas made it for him, how sweet!

Another talented and sweet friend at church made the most awesome painted letters for us.  She is such a great artist and is always sharing her talents with others and for the church.  I love looking at all of the little details in her painting and I can just picture Silas discovering all of the little details in her work one day too.

Finally, the last thing is Silas' bible.  It's not handmade but it was written for him by our creator (the most talented and creative being ever) and it's the most precious thing we could have given him.  This was our first Christmas present to him and more than anything I can't wait to see him reading it.  

I hope you enjoyed taking a closer peek into our little house and Silas' nursery.  The little details are what truly make your house your home.  Now it's your turn, comment and share with us some of your favorite little details that you love about your home.


  1. Oh Megan! How sweet. What a lovely room little Silas must have and I am honored that a piece of my art can be apart of such a warm and wonderful place.

  2. I LOVEEEEEE this!! Handmade homes have my heart!! Trying to make the time to add more to my home. Now! If I can win the lottery to fund some of my Etsy favorites LOL. Etsy would shut down for the day after some of my purchases LOL!! You are too awesome megan <3


  3. Thanks Crystal -so many things on etsy that I love! I'm like you though, I need to win the lottery lol!

  4. Cathie - I just love that little quilt, it's so special.