Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick Fix - Master Bedroom

We have a slight overabundance of doors in our house, especially in the tight places.  We have 3 doorways alone in our master bedroom, all leading out to different spaces.  One of these doors was particularly frustrating as it continued to block the bathroom door when opened.  
This was taken before we started painting.  Another issue, this door was in terrible shape as you can see in this picture.

The little hallway space here has a bedroom door, bathroom door and a closet door all opening up to the same spot so you can see how irritating that was becoming.  So, our fix was to take down the bedroom door that was blocking the other doors, easy enough.
I first started painting the door and midway through we decided we were going to remove it so I just stopped, hence the half painted door.

One day we will have a much prettier laundry room space, it's just not on the top of our list right now.

We liked it immediately after we got the door out.  There was one issue though, we really didn't want the laundry room view from our room.  Enter our quick fix idea - a curtain.  We headed over to our my favorite store, Target and searched for the perfect curtain, except there was no perfect curtain.  (My sister always says there is a required $50 exit fee when shopping at Target, this time however we got out way under - score!)  I did however find a tablecloth that I loved which I could easily turn into a curtain, thanks to these awesome curtain ring clips.

Our tablecloth and curtain rings, we also used a tension rod to hang them.

These clips are so super easy, you can pretty much make anything into a curtain.

Now we have a lovely "curtain" in our doorway that hides the ugly laundry room view.  We love, love, love this.  It also adds some much needed color and decor to a pretty bare space.  Quick fixes are the best.  In total it cost $25 for our new doorway, we like that.

We hung the curtain on the back side of the door with our tension rod.

So what about you?  Have any quick and easy fixes you love?  Comment and share!!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Seriously this rocks my socks!!!!!!! LOVE it!! I love re-purposing table clothes & sheets for other needs. Great way to get great "fabric" for much cheaper.


  2. Thank you!! I love the way it turned out.